Once upon a time, there was a company called Black Riders. We did some graphic design, in print and on the web. We did some writing and communications work. We did a touch of technology consulting. We did good work, it was fun, and it paid the bills. We made a difference.

These days, we’re still doing those things, a bit, but mostly just for fun. Black Riders v.2 isn’t so much a company any more, just this guy with a passion for all those things, and a whole lot more, and who likes to help people out whenever he can.

This website captures some glimpses of the latest version of Black Riders, for no specific purpose other than to create some random ripples in the Universe.

For a little more background on us, you can read our first posted article by clicking here. Or feel free to just take a look around: the most recent additions to our site are listed below. Thanks!

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