DoddCor Wordmark and Business Cards

Long time client Lindsay Dodd came to Black Riders in need of business cards for his technology investment firm. Having recently sold his previous company, Savvia, Lindsay now needed to establish a visual identity for DoddCor as he pursued new ventures.

We felt the new DoddCor identity should evoke elements of past identities, including a non-standard size and rounded corners on his business card, but also a cleaner look in keeping with the new direction of the company within the information technology industry. New fonts and colours were chosen to clearly distinguish this company from previous ventures so that there would be no confusion as to which card was the most current.

The resulting wordmark and business card design delivers a simple yet distinctive identity ideal for networking.

Colophon: The wordmark uses Gill Sans for the main element, with Helvetica Neue for the tagline and balance of the card content. The cards were digitally printed on 18 pt uncoated stock. Our thanks to Rayacom Edmonton Central for the excellent job printing and die-cutting the cards.


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